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In addition to current federal workers, there is also a very large population of retired federal workers or their survivors. In 2010, the federal government paid $59,054,592,000 ($59 billion) to 1,916,304 retired federal workers, technically called annuitants--the average pension was $30,817. The federal government also paid $9,390,360,000 ($9 billion) to the 595,430 survivors of federal retirees--the average pension was $$15,771.


However, the economic impact of federal retirees is not evenly distributed among the states. Not surprisingly, two of the top three states who have the greatest in-flows of federal retiree dollars are Maryland ($5 billion to 122,517 retirees) and Virginia ($4.3 billion to 108,926 retirees). Maryland and Virginia also have the highest density of federal retirees per 100,000 people at 2,122 and 1,361, respectively. The states with the lowest density were Connecticut (302) and Michigan (338).


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