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Private Sector Share of Personal Income (1)
Birth Rate (4)
Washington (1)
Bakken Formation (1)
Federal Spending (3)
Net Natural Population Rate (5)
Maine (1)
Demographics (4)
North Dakota (1)
Free Enterprise Zones (1)
Pine Tree Development Zones (1)
Per Capita Federal Taxes (3)
Death Rate (4)
Illinois (1)
Poverty (1)
Idaho (1)
Connecticut (1)
Unemployment (1)
Federal Taxes (3)
Welfare Reform (1)
Washington County Maine (1)
Colorado (1)
Per Capita Federal Spending (3)
Domestic Migration Rate (4)
West Virginia (1)
Net Migration Rate (4)
International Migration Rate (4)
The Maine Heritage Policy Center (1)
Demographic Winter (3)
Free ME (1)
Federal Tax and Spend Ratios (3)

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